Pornstar Series Shower Mounted Bracket

Sex under the shower can be tricky, however the shower mount by Pornstar Signature Series makes it easy! It is a useful aid for enjoying realistic stimulation under the shower. The extra-strong suction pads are easily attached to a smooth flat surface under the shower or to a similar surface. Place the Signature Strokers into the mounted bracket. Place the mounted bracket into the most convenient position for you.

Instructions for use: Unscrew the lid of the Pornstar Stroker and attach it to the shower mount by twisting it. Apply the suction pad to a smooth surface and press it firmly in place. Pull the handle downwards to firmly attach the suction pad to the surface. To position the shower mount, unscrew the wing nut and then re-tighten it when the shower mount is correctly positioned.

Additional information

Weight 143 g
Dimensions 9.00 cm

Packaging Size

Suction cup





Battery Required?