P-Motion Massager

The P-Motion is strategically designed to rock your prostate—it features a tapered tip to ease insertion and an angled head that houses a micro-bullet within the silicone to deliver super-strong vibrations directly to your P-Spot. Choose between five powerful patterns of vibration and get ready to enter a world of bliss. But that’s not all—hidden beneath the second bead of this incredible anal massager are two rolling balls that continuously move up and down within the soft silicone. The head of the massager will also wiggle, pushing against the sensitive prostate while it excites you with each buzz. Try the P-Motion in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time! The wide handle prevents the piece from slipping too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks.

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Weight 316 g
Dimensions 15.00 cm

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Flat bottom




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